Equipment List/Packing Tips

What to Bring to Camp

The process of packing a girl for overnight camp must seem daunting and frankly stressful! Never fear! The beauty of being a girls’ camp that has been around since 1937 is that the wheel has already been invented. Remember, you can always call (952-270-0579) or email ( should you have any questions.

Here are a couple key things to consider when packing for Red Pine:

Laundry goes out once per week and there is a 24 hour turnaround time

Please mark all clothes with the name of the camper with name tapes or ink label.

Your daughter will be allowed one backpack, a duffel and one trunk so please keep that in mind while packing.

We have a packing list that spells out all of our recommendations and required items. Four Week Camper Packing List

For our two week campers, please use this packing list. Two Week Camper Packing List

Campers from foreign countries may use Red Pine issue trunks, laundry bags, blankets, sheets, pillow and towels.  All are in excellent and immaculate condition.  Rental billing will appear on the final statement.