FAQs For Campers

Dear Prospective Camper:

We are thrilled that you are considering Red Pine Camp for Girls for your summer fun and adventure! Throughout this website you will discover some of the special spirit of Red Pine. One of the most important things for you to know is that Red Pine is a very warm, loving, and welcoming place. New girls are instantly drawn into the Red Pine Spirit and made to feel welcomed from the moment they arrive. At our summer home away from home we promote kindness and consideration. Cliques and meanness are just not a part of our summer home. At Red Pine, everyone has something special to give and to gain from her time at camp, and the qualities that make you unique are embraced and encouraged.

What makes Red Pine special is simple: it’s all about friends and fun.
Our older girls will tell you it’s also about feeling free from the pressures they experience at school, and getting away from modern technology to spend time in a simpler, more natural world. Indeed, I think every Red Pine camper would say there is no place remotely like camp in the world she inhabits back home

What type of girl goes to Red Pine?
All kinds of girls -- girls who want to have fun, make friends, discover new interests and talents -- girls just like you. If you want a wholesome summer of fun, friendship and adventure, then you will feel very comfortable at Red Pine.

Is it hard to make friends?
Making friends comes naturally to girls at Red Pine. We understand how scary it can be to be away from home and not know any or many people, so we create lots of opportunities to laugh, have fun, and make new friends in a carefree manner. By the end of the first day, you will have played games, sung songs, met everyone in your cabin, had a tour of camp and an orientation to our program. With all of this going on, you will meet lots of people, begin to make friends with campers and staff, and be ready to begin the next day (your first full day at camp) with a sense of comfort and security.

What is the staff like?
Our counselors are kind, caring, and fun! They are friendly with cheerful personalities and will help you adjust to successfully living away from home and making new friends in and out of the cabin. Counselors live with you in your cozy cabins and instruct you in your activities.  Many were campers at Red Pine and have experienced the same feelings you may experience if this is your 1st time at camp. You will make lifelong friendships with both campers and staff from your time at Red Pine.

Is the camp competitive?
Not at all! We offer a great program of traditional activities and arts as well as special programs. Our hope is that you will come and try things that you may not have a chance to try at home. At Red Pine campers do not just ride in a sailboat but are taught to sail it and so it is with all of our activities. You are challenged to do your best to meet goals you set for yourself. We have sailing regattas, water ski, tennis and soccer tournaments with other camps as well as intercamp games and while we are not concerned with putting together "winning teams" because of our positive, cooperative attitudes and the strong teaching you receive in your activities, we usually tend to win - and we do it with Red Pine Pride!

What is the spirit of Red Pine?
Red Pine spirit is a strong and vital part of our summer home. It grows daily at camp -- around our Evening and Sunday programs, the campfire as we sing songs, in the dining hall as the entire camp rises up in song, and as we laugh, play, and learn together. You can feel the Red Pine spirit in your heart during the summer and in the days between summers. It is a wonderful, fulfilling feeling, and you will be grateful all the days of your life for having captured the Red Pine Spirit.

What is the food like? 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served family style with your cabin and counselors at your own table. On Wednesday nights we have “Burger Day” which is served outside buffet style. Breakfasts include fresh fruit and juice, a choice of hot and cold cereals, and a hot meal such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, or waffles. Lunch may be sandwiches, tacos, pizza, toasted cheese, Chili Mac, chicken tenders, etc. along with soup and salad. Dinner consists of dishes such as baked chicken, turkey, pork roast, lasagna, or fajitas along with vegetables, fresh bread or rolls, and a starch such as rice or potato. Milk is offered at all meals. We also enjoy fun meals such as cookouts, international dinners, and theme meals. Sunday mornings, girls enjoy a special breakfast buffet in their PJs and perhaps an evening cookout.

How do I get to know the camp better to be sure that it is right for me?
Call or email us or plan to visit us at camp. We will be happy to give you a tour. We can also give you names of girls in your area who attend or who have attended Red Pine. We hope to see you next summer!!!

Does everyone at camp already know one another?
Each year, we welcome many new campers who come to Red Pine without knowing anyone beforehand. Friendships are formed quickly. You are also assigned a 'big sister' to help you discover all that Red Pine has to offer.

How do I choose my schedule?
You choose those activities that interest you. Some activities require a certain level of swimming proficiency. You may want to discuss your possible schedule with your parents before coming to camp.

How do I stay in touch with my parents and friends from back home?
Every day (except Sunday) there is mail call. Encourage your friends and family to mail you letters from home regularly!

Listen to what our campers have to say about their time at Red Pine…

“Thank-you for all the wonderful summers I have spent at Red Pine; nothing else would ever compare to the time spent there with you; memories, skills, fun--MANNERS-- I gained so much from camp, from you.”

"Hi Connie! I am really looking forward to camp next summer. Thanks so much for making camp very special on my 1st year. Have a wonderful New Year, Love a very happy camper, : )"

"Connie: I had a great time I am going to miss camp, I loved to ski and would like free swim next year."

"Not a day goes by that Sofia doesn't talk about RPC!! She's already packed for next year."

"My daughter, Jennifer, enjoyed her 1st year at Red Pine and is ready to come back. She was so excited when the photo album came and we sat down together and studied each page. Jennifer enjoyed walking me through all of the pictures and telling me who everybody was. She went to Red Pine without knowing anybody but left with many wonderful friendships. Thank you for allowing my daughter the opportunity to enjoy the Red Pine Camp experience!"

"I want to thank you for a great camp and life experience for my daughter Nora this summer.  Nora attended the second session and was in Dawn Cabin. It was her first sleep-away experience. She loved Red Pine. I believe it boosted her self-confidence and made her more independent--even daring with the water skiing and canoeing!"

"For our family Red Pine means a great place with better people! Thanks to you and all your team for each moment you made possible for our daughter. She remembers you very often. Trees, food, lake, skiing, riding, swimming, cold water, activities, FRIENDS... We hope you can keep improving and giving girls a great chance to grow and have fun."

October 1-April 30 Mailing Address and Phone #:
Constance H. Scholfield
Red Pine Camp for Girls
5233 Balmoral Ln
Bloomington, MN 55437
952-270-0579 (cell)
715-952-0906 (fax)

May 1-September 30 Mailing Address and Phone #:
Red Pine Camp for Girls
P.O. Box 69
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