Dear Alumnae,

It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve as the Executive Director of Red Pine Camp Foundation, Inc. When I left my previous career as a Litigation Paralegal in Minneapolis, though not without some trepidation, I was excited about the opportunity to return to my most favorite stomping grounds and honored to be given the opportunity to insure that the campers of today and tomorrow receive the same quality, rewarding, and most importantly, fun times that I had when I attended Red Pine.

For 78 years Red Pine Camp has remained true to its original mission: to develop girls’ moral, personal and physical skills in the spirit of fellowship and fun. Red Pine is a place that celebrates traditional values where girls and women alike seek something higher than their own self-interest. One of the reasons Red Pine's magic has sustained itself since 1937 is because of the timelessness of its mission. What is learned and experienced at Red Pine resonates through every stage of a woman’s life.

One of the unique characteristics of Red Pine is the loyalty and support of its alumnae. For most campers, their relationship with Red Pine does not end with the close of the Camp season. Rather it endures throughout their adult lives, which was so well demonstrated when word got out that Red Pine had been sold to a developer, and 
after the property was purchased by Pleasant T. Rowland. We are an amazing group of ladies and yes, some gentlemen too, who continue to play forward that Red Pine Spirit with compassion and commitment!

We had, as many of the girls said, an “awesome summer” and one of our many accomplishments included obtaining Not for Profit status as a 501(c) (3).

Our Not for Profit status opens the door for all of us to follow Pleasant T. Rowland’s lead in contributing to the continued success of Red Pine Camp.

The following are the tax-deductible gift giving opportunities available to show your support for Red Pine Camp for Girls.



Pleasant T. Rowland Endowment Fund

If not for the generosity and commitment made by Pleasant T. Rowland you would not be reading this letter today and we would not have had the opportunity to carry on the same traditions, values, and ideals that Red Pine was founded on back in 1937.

The Pleasant T. Rowland Endowment Fund has been established to recognize Pleasant T. Rowland’s commitment to continue a legacy of environmental stewardship to the preservation of the natural surroundings and property that Red Pine Camp so proudly sits on as well as the operations of Red Pine Camp.

After Pleasant Rowland so generously purchased the property she also without hesitation provided us with our 1st year startup operating funds which enabled us to remodel the Lodge, Shower House and Rafters as well as address other deferred maintenance issues and satisfy additional County upgrades required as a result of new ownership.

It is this commitment to Red Pine’s future and excellence that this fund strives to perpetuate and nurture. The initial goal of the fund is to raise $155,000 which is a match to the startup operating funds so generously donated by Pleasant T. Rowland with the hopes that the fund will grow sufficiently to support special projects for which funds otherwise would not be available.

The Endowment will be maintained separately from our other Red Pine Camp funds, with a management committee overseeing investments and expenditures.

Sarah Wittenkamp Rolley Campership Fund (Scholarship)

A gift to the Campership Fund provides financial support for girls of Red Pine Camp families who would like to attend Red Pine Camp but require financial assistance. To ensure this, we are creating a scholarship program to be funded by our generous alumnae and parents. Partial tuition assistance will be awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and the Camp director will work with our alumnae network to identify applicants. Scholarship applications will be due March 15 of every year, and notification of scholarship awards begins on or after April 1st.

The Spirit of Red Pine Fund

As a contributor to The Spirit of Red Pine Fund you have the option of making a general contribution that will go towards helping Red Pine in an area of greatest need or you can earmark your gift to your area of passion.

Commemorative or Memorial Gift

If you would like your gift to be a commemorative or memorial gift please provide us with the name of the Honoree(s) or individuals for whom the gift is made in Memory of and provide us with the appropriate name & mailing address if you would like us to send a letter acknowledging your gift.

Your commemoratives and memorials will be deeply appreciated so please send in your funny stories and memories and we will publish them on our website.

Honoree and memorial gifts will also be acknowledged in the subsequent Red Pine newsletter at your request.

Donations of Personal Property

Give Connie a call! Its tax deductible and you just might have the perfect item that Red Pine could/would put to good use!

You may send your check payable to “Red Pine Camp Foundation/Applicable Fund” to Connie Scholfield at Red Pine Camp, PO Box 69, Minocqua, WI 54548.

If you have additional questions about giving to Red Pine Camp Foundation Inc., you may call Connie Scholfield at 952-270-0579 or email