Horseback Riding Attire

Red Pine Horseback Riding Attire Requirements

For the safety of your daughter, we ask that you send you daughter with the following attire:   


  • Riders MUST wear close-fitting pants. 
  • Pants may be breeches (preferably denim or mostly cotton), jodhpurs, riding tights, or tight-fitting jeans.
  • Breeches or riding tights with knee patches are recommended for advanced riders who jump.
  • Children’s breeches can be purchased for $35 or less from one of the sources below.

Pajama bottoms, loose flannel pants and other loose-fitting leg coverings are not acceptable attire. 

Footware for Riding

Appropriate footwear includes:

  • All footwear used must have a well-defined heel, and cannot easily slip off of the foot.
  • Riding boots (these always have a stiff sole and a well-defined heel).  Riding boots can be short (e.g. paddock style) or tall.  Children’s paddock boots can be purchased for $40.00 or less
  • Equestrian Sport Boots or other sturdy boots with a hard, stiff sole and a well-defined heel.
  • TIE shoes (oxfords, not loafers) with a hard, stiff sole and a well-defined heel. The heel should be no higher than one inch.

Inappropriate footwear:  No fashion boots with large heals will be allowed. NO loafers, sandals, flip flops, Crocs or TENNIS/RUNNING/WALKING/CROSS-TRAINING SHOES. 

Please click here for photos of acceptable footgear.


A Helmet is required for horseback riding, Each camper must have her own helmet.

  • All helmets MUST be horseback riding helmets, not helmets intended for any other use, such as bicycle helmets.
  • All horseback riding helmets MUST bear a label indicating the helmet meets the requirements of the American Standard for Testing Materials (ASTM) Standard Number F.1163 and have received the Safety Equipment Institutes' (SEI) certification.  This label is found on the inside of the helmet, the “ASTM-SEI” acronym should be visible.
  • In addition, all helmets must show the date of manufacture, which is usually next to or part of the ASTM-SEI label.  The date of manufacture cannot be more than 5 years from the last day of camp.  Helmets “expire” after 5 years, or sooner if the helmet has been subject to an impact.
  • Helmets must be the appropriate size for the child.
  • Parents of children from outside the United States can purchase approved helmets from a number of websites.  (See below.)  Helmets manufactured for sale in countries other than the United States will not meet the ASTM-SEI safety standards.
  • Please note: RPC no longer has helmets available to borrow.
  • ASTM-SEI approved helmets can be purchased for as little as $40.00 from one of the websites below. 


We highly recommend a pair of riding gloves to protect riders’ hands.  Novice and beginning riders who do not wear gloves often develop blisters. Cotton “Gripper” riding gloves with “pebble” palms can be purchased for under $5.00.  (Plain cotton gloves are too slippery for holding reins.)

If you do not have a local equestrian shop, there are numerous catalogs offering equestrian attire. We have listed links below.

Dover Saddlery, phone 800-406-8204
State Line Tack, phone 800-228-9208
Libertyville Tack, phone 800-872-3353

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