What Parents Are Saying

From our 2017 parents:

Our campers are very eager to know the schedule for next summer and most anxious to return to camp. You have kept the values and traditions alive like only a former RPC camper could do.  I love that you work on making and setting goals and that you provide the campers with the opportunities to work toward them.As I said to Mr. Wittenkamp “You have helped to raise and inspire many young girls who are now women still living the values you instilled in them.” Connie, you are doing the same good work, perhaps even better. Thank you for all that you do.

Our daughter is looking forward to it!  I guess there is some special treat for her birthday as she wants to celebrate it at RPC instead of with us ��

It amazes me how far the reach is for Red Pine - just last week she was speaking fondly about a counselor - and it's been 15 months or so...  being at your camp has had a lasting effect on Catherine & we're grateful.

I can honestly say that this is the best money my husband and I have ever spent.  Not enough can be said for the quality of the counselors.  They are wonderful role models for my daughter and I can only hope one day she grows to be as mature, confident, poised, kind, and responsible as these girls.  The tone is set from the leadership - which is outstanding!  We are thrilled with Red Pine Camp and are looking forward to our daughter spending another summer there.

Outstanding experience for Kate this summer.  She can't wait to return.

I'd be more than happy to recommend Red Pine, our whole family loved it and Gaby can't wait to return next year!!  Thank you!

Hello Connie and Red Pine staff!    This was a very positive experience for Katya. Thank you for your heartfelt efforts.  I particularly liked the story of her cabin's pontoon ride with Connie, who apparently shared the story with the girls of the maids that walked along the wall (now submerged) between the two islands. Very interesting history!

Hats off to the 2017 staff!  First session weather left much to be desired with all rain.  Regardless, I never heard one word of boredom or complaint from Emily. She loved it all.  Thanks again for making it so wonderful!

Amelia LOVES RPC!  We love RPC!

We are so happy and lucky to be able to send Lizzie to RED PINE!!! She LOVES it and we constantly sing the praises of Red Pine to others! smile

We were beyond impressed.  Lily tried water skiing which we did not know she was going to do.  She loved it and achieved many goals.  To see her so proud and self-confident is a parent’s dream come true.  Thank you.

We were beyond pleased with Eva's camp experience!! She loved all of her activities, enjoyed the time with other girls, and her counselors. 

Ella loved the independence she experienced.

Audrey's first summer at RPC was amazing!  Thank you for everything!

We all love RPC! We are so thankful for camp and the wonderful staff and counselors.

First year was such a positive experience.  She loved every minute of every day and is still sharing stories.

Katrina loved everything about Red Pine and hasn't stopped talking about it since she returned home.  It is wonderful, and we are so happy Red Pine exists! smile She'll be back next summer.

Maecie had an absolutely wonderful camp experience!  She loved EVERYTHING about it and continues to talk about her friends, counselors, activities and adventures!

As always, once camp is over, she is ready to go back!

Red Pine has given Brecken experiences and friendships that she would not have otherwise had.  She continues to gain a sense of independence in a such a well supervised, supportive environment.  Red Pine has encouraged this independence and self-confidence and at the same time taught the importance of team work and the lessons of how to appreciate other people's accomplishments and strengths.  Brecken loves the history and traditions at Red Pine along with the fun and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  Thanks for all you do and the memories and opportunities you give to Brecken!

Loved it so much and can't wait for next summer!!

Gaby had a wonderful time at camp and can't wait to return.  We could not be more excited for her or proud of her! 

Thank you for another wonderful summer!

We love Red Pine!!

I'm so grateful for the exciting, active and safe space you have created at Red Pine Camp, and for the opportunity for my daughter Isabel to enjoy it each Summer!!! Thank you Connie and all the Red Pune Camp Team!  

Great Camp , strong recommend to other families.

Red Pine was a dream come true for our family. It couldn't have come at a better time. Returned to us were two respectful, self-assured daughters who were ready to help out more at home, meet the challenge of a new school, and attempt things that were scary and difficult. We are so grateful to Red Pine and hope to be part of the Red Pine family for many years to come!

Claire had another fantastic summer at Red Pine! 

Juliana can not wait to return to RPC! Initially she was so apprehensive about attending and it exceeded all of our expectations! Thank you!

Thank you for a terrific experience. We look forward to beginning an RPC tradition for all of our daughters.    I wish there was a mid year refresher course for them of the RPC values smile

Anne had the best summer!  We talked about horseback riding at lunch today.  She had amazing counselors and cabin mates.  She loved all of her activities and can't love camp enough!  Thank you to your entire staff!

Thank you again for all that you did to ensure that Reilly had another amazing experience at Red Pine. 

Fabulous summer! Fabulous staff! I hope Susie spends summers at RPC for many years to come!

Mickey had an absolutely outstanding summer and first camp experience.  She and I could not be happier with how it went!

Zoe had a great experience and can't wait to attend for 4 weeks next summer!

Another wonderful summer!  The chemistry of Avery's cabin was supportive and happy - so hard to achieve at this age.  Thank you!  

Thank you; the program you run at Red Pine Camp is outstanding, Connie.

From our 2016 parents:

Gabriella had another amazing summer.  Best ever I would say.  Thank you to you and everyone for making her experience so special.

Reilly had an absolutely amazing time at Red Pine and can't stop talking about how she wishes we'd let her come for even longer next summer.  It was everything we all had hoped that it would be and more, which is a testament to your hard work and that of your staff.

Emily has arrived home on August 8th. She was so excited and has been telling us all sorts of interesting things about the camp.She learned a lot, learned new skills as well as enjoying the freedom and happiness you give her friendship and care. She is also very much looking forward to the next year as she hopes she can apply for Leadership. Anyway, thank you very much for the change to Emily!

My daughter Isabella just came back from Red Pine Camp and I have to tell you ..... She is the happiest girl on this planet. There are no words to Thank You and rest off the stuff for your fantastic job. Isabella came home changed.... Not sure how to describe this but I see a changes in her as her mom. She can't stop talking about sooo many things from the camp. Thank You VERY VERY much for what you doing .... 

Hannah and Kelsey had such a wonderful time at RPC this year and are already looking forward to next year!

My niece, Emma, will join this summer for her first overnight experience!!!  As the mother of only boys, I am greatly anticipating this event and I can't wait to hear about her wonderful experiences!  I can imagine her settling into a starlet cabin like it was yesterday that my 8-year old self arrived.  We know she will have a great time and letters to her are forth coming.  

I wanted you to know Kara said camp was the "best ever" this summer. She really connected with the counselors and had a blast.

Lara still misses hamburgers on Wednesday and still talks a lot about Camp.She definitely will want to go back next year, and until she becomes a Counselor!! It was a wonderful experience for her.

Kate had a great summer!  Her swimming abilities have increased exponentially!  I know she loved the horseback riding experience and that was wonderful.

Thank you so much...and congratulations on the wonderful staff you have there at Red Pine. It is a huge effort for us (both economically and due to the distance), but it is completely worth it !!! Warm regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Well, back at home in Costa Rica and Sarah is counting the days until next year's camp dates. I miss my daughter so much while she is gone for 2 months, but she comes back with new skills, new friends and new confidence that stand her in good stead throughout the rest of the year. I love how she has new goals every year, and that she has so much support in achieving them. Connie along with the counselors and instructors have been outstanding, supportive, funny and flexible. Over the years Red Pine has become a big part of Sarah's life, and has left an indelible and welcome mark. Thank you to all for a great year, and we'll see you next season!

Just to let you know Lara had an amazing time. She had a blast on Camp. I was anxious to see her again but specially worried about how she was doing. Well she had the best time and really looking forward to going next year and next and next and next!!!!!! She has decided to become a counselor, so that's more than a parent can expect of their child experience. I'm so grateful to all of you for making her time so memorable.

From all the letters I know Mackenzie has been having an awesome time. Thank you and to Connie as well.  It means the world to me she loves being at Red Pine.

First and foremost thank you for an AMAZING summer for Regan.  John and I almost get 'teary eyed,' we are so thrilled with the positive letters. She seems as if she really gained lots of independence. We love it. She adores her time at RPC.

Thanks for another great year at Red Pine. You run a fabulous camp! We are most appreciative of your professionalism and love for all the kids.

It always touches my heart when my granddaughters go to RPC and come back and share their wonderful times with me!  I was so proud that Tessa was awarded her"Medallion Rider" this year!  You realize she is the "3rd generation"to receive this!  I received mine in 1956 & the last I checked my name is still on the board in the rec hall! 

Grace had a blast.  It was clearly difficult at first, but she got through it with some help from counselors and a secret handshake with Ally.  I'm so pleased with the strength of character she has found as a result of camp.  Thanks to all!  She misses you (and it) dearly.

Sarah is practicing her swimming for next summer, one of her goals is to boost her skills so she can do the "50 mile swim"!  I just love that she carries RPC in her heart all the time.

I wanted to commend both you and your counselors and staff for creating and providing such a super environment for our daughter. She thoroughly enjoys her 4 weeks at RPC and looks forward to returning every summer. She especially enjoyed being introduced to sailing this past summer...

From an Alumnae: I am so impressed that you seemed to have kept so much of the original traditions of the camp I remember! So often these traditions are so easily lost with trying to keep up with the times. You seem to have such a great balance of old tradition that makes Red Pine Red Pine and a subtle blend of some new changes.As alumni we all know how special Red Pine is. Thanks for helping preserve this treasure!

Maddie had a great time at camp. She had a lot of fun and speaks with enthusiasm about all things Red Pine. She says it was 100% perfect. We were impressed with her calmness and stature after her month there and she didn’t argue with her sister nearly as much- at least for a few weeks. She looks forward to the continuing on next year and progressing in sailing, swimming and horseback riding. She had a lot of fun!!

Our daughter had a great time at camp. She enjoyed every minute of it and she dearly brings up different stories about camp on daily basis. I have noticed that she has opened up a little bit more since her camp. She was/is a very shy and closed girl but I think this summers experience at your camp will change that for good. She loved all her counselors (we are planning on writing them an email as well), she loved all her cabin friends as well as other girls at camp, she loved the activities, the songs, the cookouts, the food... She keeps singing camp songs to us and her friends, she teaches everyone new games she has learned at camp. Anyway, it was an experience for my daughter that will never be forgotten and hopefully she will join you in the future to learn more while having the time of her life!! Thank you for taking wonderful care of my daughter for 4 weeks this summer and for giving her such a wonderful experience!!

Kate LOVES RPC. It is her favorite place. She again had a fantastic summer with amazing opportunities-sailing, water skiing, the lead in the play and wonderful friends. The counselors at RPC are absolutely AMAZING. Connie you are to be commended for the staff you bring back each year and new ladies you include to the counselor group. Kate looks up to each of these girls and longs to be a RPC counselor herself one day.

Our daughter returned to us having shed the “it’s all about me” attitude that we had been struggling with prior to her departure. She was happy, full of fun stories (that are still emerging and being told with laughter and enthusiasm). I was most impressed by the friendships that she made with the older girls. They were so sweet to her and were obviously lovely role models for her. We were concerned when we sent her up to you that this experience could go either way and we were so elated to hear her say that she can’t wait to go back next year and eventually be a counselor! Everything we hoped for happened. Thank you to you and your staff for an amazing experience! See you next summer!

Hannah & Amelia both enjoyed camp tremendously! Their counselors were incredible role models. Their fellow cabin mates were fun and diverse. Honestly, the skills and experiences they receive at RPC go with them throughout the entire year. We have now purchased bows, arrows and targets for archery practice for both girls so they can pick up where they left off next summer! Amelia’s love of swimming has led her to try out for the New Trier Swim Club and Hannah has actually decided to try out various sports this year. It is a joy to hear about the varied activities they participate in while at camp and even more exciting to watch those experiences continue to shape them at home. We truly cannot thank RPC enough for everything they provide our children.

Gabriella had a great time at Red Pine.  She was nervous but excited before she went and came home so excited about her experience.  She is trying to convince her younger sister to come next summer.  She loved the activities she did.  We have been singing camp songs all summer.  I expect you will be seeing her next summer.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful RPC experience that Sarah had this summer (not to mention her past 2 summers). I was a little worried about her being gone all summer but she just took advantage of every minute. She is looking forward to being at camp...well pretty basically forever now=) She has her future mapped out through being a counselor! I am so thrilled with her progress. She is much more sociable, and she is excited to try new things. She is also much less self conscious and her confidence level has soared. Sarah loved spending time with the Starlets as well, and it was great for me to see the bonds she had forged with not only her cabin mates and counselors, but with other campers as well. 

I just want to thank you for the absolutely wonderful summer my daughter Tessa experienced on the shores of Clear Lake this summer. Her first time away from home was perfect, with a ton of growing and learning. I couldn't be happier with our decision to send her to RPC, and couldn't be
more proud of her! For these things, I thank each and every one of you!!!!!!

From a camper: I just did the most upsetting thing in the world; I unpacked my trunk. It smells just like camp it reminds me of all of the amazing things I have done, accomplished, and learned at camp. An I thank you for that. This summer has been the best and it will be one I will never forget.

THANK YOU for creating a most amazing experience for our daughter this summer. Sydney had an incredible time and is looking forward to next year.

We are so lucky we found Red Pine Camp. Grace had a wonderful experience as a first time sleep away camper. She is eager to return next summer and misses the many friends she made there. Grace loved her counselors and enjoyed staying super busy with a variety of fun activities, some of which she tried for the first time at camp. Her positive camp experience has had a certain degree of spill over effect on Grace’s maturity, confidence and respect for others. We thank you and your staff for doing a terrific job with Grace and her fellow campers. We were hesitant to have Grace go away to camp given her life-threatening peanut allergy. We are particularly grateful that your staff was sensitive and attentive to this. We look forward to having Grace return next year! Camp Mom

Thank you so much and thank you to your wonderful staff for providing such a fun and rewarding experience for our daughter. She loved camp and is hooked for next year.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you do to make camp such an amazing experience for our girls. I cannot tell you how much it means to share this tradtion with my girls and have them love it the same way i did -- and that is because of you and your fantastic staff. Our house has been filled with songs and stories ever since last Saturday's pickup (and many, many tears) and Paul and I could not be any more thrilled.

4 more weeks have flown by, I've wanted to write to you since the first session ended but I've been very busy. We wanted to thank you for the great time our 3 girls had! They're keeping contact with all their friends from camp! They're accumulating weeks for their blanket from camp!

Kate has returned to us with a smile, hugs, pleases and thank you's, wonderful stories and most of all requests to return next year! Thank you to you and your staff for a great summer.

Keeping all those RPC ladies happy and healthy is such a big job! Never once have I wondered about her well-being! 

Our heartfelt thanks for a wonderful afternoon meeting the Red Pine community yesterday! 

Catherine and I had the pleasure of meeting so many campers, parents and your wonderful counselors. She is more excited than ever to get to camp and proudly brought her new red RPC sack to school today! I can't tell you how how impressed I was by Annie Henry, Annie Zwick and ALL your counselors and CITs - they were a polite, mature, respectful and HAPPY group of young ladies. I'm absolutely certain Catherine will be in good hands. 

Catherine can't wait for summer to get here - I know that Red Pine will give her the gift of life-long friendships and treasured summer memories.

Bethany and I enjoyed the meeting yesterday. It sounds like such a wonderful experience. It was clear to me how important Red Pine is to so many families.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you all and for helping shape the lives of so many girls. We will anxiously await the summer

Lilly Kate is so excited about camp and she wore her new RP sweatshirt to school today

Callie talks about Red Pine all the time. It is such a part of who she is! She is going through the process of applying to independent middle schools and her father and I credit her camp experience as she navigates the school visits and interviews with confidence and poise, something that we think would have daunted her a year ago.

Ever since Hailey returned from RPC she has shown us what a wonderful experience being a camper has done for her. We are already looking forward to new experiences next summer!

Our girls keep missing camp! , they really enjoyed this summer! Sofía and Fer keep receiving letters and sending letters to their friends! Thanks again for the great summer. 

Maggie really loved Red Pine second session. She had great role models and enjoyed her cabin. She did not want to leave.

Esther loved Red Pine. Thank you for providing a wonderful opportunity.

They say as a parent, that the best things you can give your children are roots and wings. … you have helped me to give her some solid roots at Red Pine. I know we often wonder if we make a difference in the lives of others. There is no question that you and Irene have made a difference for Rosi! If all goes according to plan, we'll be first in line to sign up for the 2013 RPC season! 

We would like to congratulate you and your staff! Our daughters had a wonderful summer! We're traveling and each dinner they sing camp songs and every day they tell us about a new experience at Red Pine! Please congratulate and say thanks to all of their counselors. Thanks for everthing! 

Let me thank you all for another great year at Red Pine for Grace. She had a wonderful time, thunderstorms and all! We returned to find three letters from one of her camp friends. They are already planning their RPC schedules for next year - WOW! You guys are amazing. We appreciate all you do for so many young girls.

I got my first letter from Regan yesterday. She thanked me in BIG THANKS for sending her to "This amazing place."

We just heard from our 3 daughters and we want to thank you because they're 
having a great summer at camp! The one that's homesick (or more exactly daughter sick) is me because I miss them so much! 

I want to thank you and the staff at Red Pine Camp on behalf of our daughter and our family for her wonderful experience at Red Pine. Her stories are never ending. It's evident she grew emotionally while at camp and exuded remarkable pride in her experience. I really appreciated her comments about how kind the girls were regardless of how long a camper had been going to camp.

Thank you SO much for the opportunity for Sarah to go to camp this summer. She loved every minute of it. We are so proud of her and all she accomplished at camp. Red Pine is wonderful place and so glad Sarah was able to be a part of it.

Our daughter came back from camp a delightful, happy wonderful girl and thank you so much! She absolutely loved it.

We have greatly enjoyed receiving the wonderful letters from the girls' counselors describing (in greater detail than our girls have written) the great fun they have been having at Red Pine.

Her first letter to us one day 1 read "Dear Family, Do not EVER make me come home!" Thanks for being SO good to all the girls!

Thanks again for a amazing two weeks at Red Pine! I loved it soo much! 

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