What Camp Gives Your Camper

What Camp Gives Your Camper

There are lots of articles out there about why sending your child to camp is a valuable experience. We agree with all of them! Camp truly is an invaluable experience for children - and there is a camp out there for every camper. (There really is! From full summers to single sex to coed to sports to drama to medical conditions to behavioral challenges - camps work hard to give all children a camp experience!) So what does camp give to your camper?

Camp gives your camper the opportunity to tackle life "on their own". Yes, there are camp staff there to help guide them and help redirect them as needed. However, for many children, camp is the first time where they are able to assert their own independence without a family member there. For the first time that they are responsible for remembering where they put their toothbrush, for picking up their own cabin, for selecting their own clothes that are weather appropriate, for choosing what they want to eat at the dinner table and so much more. This is a huge confidence builder for campers and they are proud of the decisions that they made.

Camp gives your camper a chance to try something new. I don't believe a single camper attends camp and leaves thinking, "Wow, I didn't try anything new this summer." For some of our campers, it's as simple as a first night away from home or trying a new food. It might be learning a new skill like how to shoot an arrow into a target, ride a horse, pack a backpack or filter water. Maybe it's learning to paddle a canoe, improving a swim stroke, learning to sing in harmony, or get up on waterskies. There are millions of things to learn and you never know what you'll get to experience at camp.

Camp gives your camper the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. There will always be other campers that they don't know. Some might become lifelong friends, others might just be acquaintances. Both are valuable. Our campers and staff offer a mix of faces that are new to Red Pine, and faces that have grown up at Red Pine. In addition, our campers and staff come from around the world, offering us all the chance to meet someone from a different culture. Campers learn to not only celebrate what they have in common with others, but to also celebrate their differences.

Camp gives your camper the opportunity to be themselves. At Red Pine, we welcome all girls who attend camp and we want to get to know them each as an individual. We encourage campers to let their true selves shine at camp. The need to impress someone else begins to fall away, the concern over what others think decreases and girls begin to shine as they explore their strengths and interests. Camp offers inclusion - the chance to belong to a community where your input is valued and appreciated.

Camp gives your camper a chance to fail in a safe, supportive environment. We see so many children who are afraid to try something new at camp because they "might not be good at it". At camp, it's okay not to be good at something! Practice can only help you improve and we want to see you succeed. We want our campers to realize that no one is perfect and that making mistakes is part of life. The first time you try to light a one match fire, get up on one ski, hit that bulls eye, swim that flawless breast stroke, it might not work. It might not work the second, third or fourth time either. And that's okay! Keep working at it and we'll be right there to support and encourage you.

Camp gives your camper lifelong memories. This is the reason so many of our staff have returned to camp. Their memories from summer camp as a child have inspired them to come back and make the magic happen for the next generation of campers. Maybe your camper will remember a special evening program or an award. Maybe they'll remember what it feels like to sail a boat by themselves or their pride at helping a younger girl conquer her homesickness. Maybe they will remember the role model that they want to grow up to be like or the best friend they never would have met otherwise. Maybe they'll remember a feeling of belonging and family.

These are only six reasons out of so many. Camp truly does give children a world of good and we thank-you for giving your camper the gift of camp this summer.

With Warm Regards from Red Pine,

Connie and the Staff of 2015

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